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Beds, Balls & Bods

Beds, Balls & Bods Stag Activity

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What's Included . . .

  • Zorb Football
  • Casino Entrance
  • Nightlife
  • Lapdancing
  • Accommodation

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With a range of fantastic UK locations available, you can "play away" to your heart's content, with our superb stag weekend package that combines games, gambling and girls.

No matter whether you're a cart horse or a one-trick pony, players of all ability can come together to enjoy a game of zorb football. Wearing a big inflatable zorb ball, you can smash into each other all you like, and simply bounce back up again.

Afterwards, do your best Ocean's Eleven impersonation as you take in a visit to the local casino (just don't think about robbing the place, please). Will you win big on blackjack, roulette or craps? Then its straight off for a night surrounded by sexy ladies in the local lap dancing club, with your entrance included. What's more, we'll give you VIP entry to some of the top night spots in town. No queuing, no hassle, just crack on and get the beers flowing.

Accommodation will be in the heart of the city, within spitting distance of the all the bars and clubs, with a wide variety of hostels and hotels available to suit any budget.