Krakow Stag Do

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Pole fest

No need to wake up at the "krak" of dawn on this stag do! With a trip to the Polish city of Krakow, cheap booze, lazy days and crazy nights are guaranteed.

Featuring an historic old town, which reputedly has the highest density of bars in the whole world, you won't be short of a drinking hole or two on your stag do in Krakow. Why not sit, chill, admire the stunning architecture and sink a few Tyskies as you watch the world go by?

By night, Krakow comes alive, with a massive selection of clubs and plenty of lovely Polish women who may be more than happy to take part in a "cultural exchange"!

There are loads of typically Polish activities to get involved with, including vodka tasting, a brewery tour or even the incredible vodka tram - the mind boggles.

Weekend Dr will sort out all your flight transfers along with a superb range of accommodation right in the heart of the city, resulting in a stress-free weekend for you. With Krakow being the most up and coming stag do destination, you'd be a fool not to book your stag do in Krakow!