Berlin Stag Do

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Certainly not the wurst location

Once famous for having a bloody great wall right through the middle of it, the reunified Berlin is a pretty trendy and cosmopolitan capital city in which to spend a stag weekend.

By day, it is everything you'd expect from the capital city of Germany, so why not enjoy a spot of curry wurst or a drop of the local Berliner Weisse beer? If dipping your sausage in sauce doesn't quite float your boat, there's a wide range of activities on offer to get your comrades buzzing on your stag do in Berlin. Why not book a sexy wake up call from a Horny Helga, or organise some mud wrestling with a couple of East German fitties?

Just remember, Weekend Dr is well-known in Germany for their strict approach to having fun on your stag weekend. That's why we'll sort out all your flight transfers and provide you with a superb selection of accommodation right in the heart of the city. You'll certainly be saying "danke" after this treat of a weekend.