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Welsh Games

Welsh Games Stag Activity

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Good to Know

  • Duration: 2 – 3 hours.
  • This activity is seasonal and runs from March – October.
  • Photos will be taken and be sent to you by the organisers so all your best moments will be captured.

Welsh Themed Fun!

Looking for a stag do activity in the sun? You’ll have a great day participating in some team bonding games. There is a total of 9 themed games for you to do that’ll give you a stag do to remember!  The activities you’ll be doing are listed below –

Sheep Shenanigans

Climb aboard the sheep rodeo and hold on for dear life. 

Drunk Dragons

Dress up as dragons and race down valleys, up hills and through muddy tracks.

Welsh Celebrity Knockout

You’ll be armed with tennis balls and a huge catapult that are attached to your feet, and you aim by lying down with your legs in the air.

Duffing Daffy’d

Dress up in a fat suit and hit each other with daffodils. Kind of like sumo wrestling but funnier.

Across The Taff 

Climb aboard your Celtic Coracle and your task is to transfer the sheep and dragons safely from one side to the other.

Leek Lampin’

You’ll be standing on podiums and hitting each other with giant plastic leeks. Who will stay on the longest? 

Pull The Pit Pony

A plastic pony will emerge with ropes coming out of each side. It’s time for a little game of tug o war until the poor pony is tugged back in. 

Rugby Run

With a long bungee rope attached to your back, you’ll need to run as fast as you can to place the rugby down before getting pulled back to the start.

Miner’s Shower

After a long day of running around in the sun, the stag will need to sit under a bucket of cold water and answer a few questions otherwise there will be consequences!