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Stag Arrest

Stag Arrest Stag Activity

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Good to Know

  • An off duty officer or 2 will arrest the stag for 'disruptive behaviour' or a similar offence.
  • The stag will be blindfolded and put in the back of a police car and taken to the 'police station'
  • When he gets out of the car and his blindfold comes off, he realises he's actually in a lap club whilst the rest of the group have already got a round in.
  • Not suitable for wimps or anyone who suffers from heart conditions.


You have the right to remain silent

Has the stag been a little cocky of late? Take him down a peg or two with this hilarious stag do prank!

Get the stag nicely tanked up before you arrange for him to be arrested by a "policeman". He'll be handcuffed, blindfolded and whisked away in a police car, before having his blindfold whipped off, only to find instead of the local nick, he's been transported to the local strip club.

This hilarious joke works brilliantly if everyone but the stag is in on the joke. He'll be quite literally papping his pants, but you'll all be in stitches! So don't be a cop out, get this stag activity booked up sharpish!