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Polish Vodka Tasting

Polish Vodka Tasting Stag Activity

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What you should know

  • A local guide assist, a vodka expert
  • 5 shots different types of Polish vodka
  • Traditional Polish snacks


Vod the f#ck?!

If vodka reminds you of lying on your side, feeling like death warmed up, perhaps you need to look at this popular spirit from a completely new angle? So why not spend one evening of your stag do vodka tasting?

With some expert guidance, tuition and a little bit of practice, you'll come to realise not all vodka tastes like paint stripper. In fact, by the end of your vodka tasting session, you'll not only be seeing double, but you should be able to tell your grain from your rye.

As with any alcohol-drinking activity, it pays to line your stomach beforehand. After all, you don't want to be the one chatting on the great white porcelain telephone late into the evening!