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Mud/Oil Wrestling

Mud/Oil Wrestling Stag Activity

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Good to Know

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Whether it is in mud or oil varies in different locations.
  • Wrestling with 2 ladies in only their bikinis (sometimes less clothing is worn).


It's gonna get messy

If you've got a bit of a dirty mind, why not try this dirty stag do activity?

Stepping into a ring with a skimpy pair of female wrestlers is many a bloke's ultimate fantasy, so why not let the stag experience it for himself? You'll certainly have a good laugh when you're watching him struggling away in a headlock.

Think you've got some moves of your own? Give it a go hotshot, but just be warned - these girls are good!

It's slippery fun, and who knows, with all that oil or mud around, a bikini or two is bound to slip off!