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It's A Knockout

It's A Knockout Stag Activity

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Good to know

  • Full of inflatable madness
  • You will get wet so bring a towel and a change of clothes
  • Usually lasts 3-4 hours

Stuart Hall not included

If you remember the TV series "It's a knockout" then maybe you're a bit too old to be organising a stag do? Only joking, of course!

With the It's a Knockout stag activity, you and your mates get to put on some hilarious outfits and work as team as you race round bouncy castles and over obstacles to reach your goal.

It's just stupid fun that'll take you back to your childhood, but thankfully, without any dodgy TV presenters to creep you out.

Some the events include:

- All hands on deck – Transporting each sailor across the turbulent waves.
- Bangers & crash – Work together to move massive inflatable sausages out of the frying pan.
- Crazy climber – Your team will climb a 15ft wall to retrieve pieces of a puzzle which must be assembled before time runs out.
- Giant obstacle course – Run through an obstacle course, emerging from the other end.
- Slippery summit – Make as many climbs of this mountain with the aid of the rope. Sounds easy, until you see the soap and water
- Scrambled eggs – The team must work together as one to deliver the eggs to the egg basket, whilst trying not to crack a shell.
- Roman wreckers – Your team will work together to build your own coliseum whilst the opposing team try to knock it down!
- Golden shot – Each of you must try to score a penalty in the inflatable goal – sounds easy? There’s a catch! Your vision is hampered by the distortion goggles that you’ll wear.