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Handcuffed Dwarf

Handcuffed Dwarf Stag Activity

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Good to Know

  • The dwarf will be handcuffed to the stag for an hour during a bar crawl.
  • The dwarf will stay with the stag the entire time...including toilet trips!
  • Obviously don't let it slip to the stag.

Need a little company?

It's a small world isn't it? Well, things are about to get smaller, with one of the most hilarious stag weekend activities offered in recent years. Watch your mate's face as you introduce him to his very own handcuffed dwarf!

The stag and his brand new friend will be spending plenty of time together, at the bar, on the dancefloor and even in the loo! Well, you wouldn't want him to get caught short now, would you?

The stag's handcuffed dwarf will make a hilarious addition to your stag party. After all, you only get one shot at organising your mate's stag do, and life really is too short.