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Blind 4X4

Blind 4X4 Stag Activity

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Good to know

  • Duration: 1 hour + 30 mins
  • A professional instructor will be sitting in the passenger’s seat

Driving in the dark

Driving a 4x4 isn't exactly the easiest activity in anyone's book, but how about trying it blindfolded? That's exactly what you'll be doing in this adrenaline and suspense-fuelled stag do activity.

Strap in, strap a blindfold on and make sure you've all packed extra underwear, as you rev up the engine and wonder where the heck you are and what you're going to hit! But it's ok, with your mates in the back seat directing you, you'll be in good hands - or will you?

Teamwork is key to this activity and you'll all have a great laugh watching your designated driver panic as he begins to struggle working out his right from his left. But you'll be glad to know a qualified instructor will be with you at all times.