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Rage Buggies

Rage Buggies Hen Activity

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Good to Know

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • It will get pretty messy so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and shoes on the day.
  • Other equipment will be provided.


Experience driving the awesome Rage Buggies on your stag do weekend with speeds reaching up to 60 mph. The sound of the engine and all the dirt flying off the huge tyres must get you lads excited. Rage Buggies was voted as the best off-road vehicle by BBC Two’s Top Gear, so be sure to make the most out of the crazy dirt tracks.

No need to worry about turning in corners as Rage Buggies have excellent gravity so the chance of rolling is very little. You’ll be taught how to drive theRage Buggies by one of the instructors first, so you’ll get some practice sessions before the big race.

These machines are perfect for the energetic adrenaline junkies on a stag do. Whether you want to do time trials or race head to head with your friends, this stag do activity makes for some very healthy competition. Driving these bad boys will be epic and one of you will get the last laugh when they win the race.