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Blind 4x4

Blind 4x4 Hen Activity

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Duration:1 hour 30 minutes approx

Take turns in the drivers seat


The rest of the girls tell you where to drive manoeuvring around and over obstacles

A professional instructor will be sittin gin the passenger seat.

Eyes closes, Ears open!

Well the name says it all really - you'll be driving whilst you're blindfolded. Up to 3 girls at a time will be chilling in the back seats directing you around a chosen course. This hen do activity requires a lot of patience for those who are in the back and a driver who can really trust you!

This won't be easy as the course is designed for you to drive through obstacles and muddy tracks. It's great fun when you're watching the driver panic behind the wheel! It's all about communication, control, teamwork and trust. Will your team be able to handle this activity? Add this to your quote if you're interested.

Hint hint: You could be kind or cruel to the Bride-to-Be!